How does yoga have an effect on psychological and physical health?

Millions of people around the world are turning to yoga to boost strength and flexibility. However, new research has demonstrated that this fitness technique not only has many effects for the body, it also has a beneficial impact on mental health.  While this practice technique has been around for decades, scientists have recently uncovered the […]

Yoga is an appeal in Kenya

In the calming music, a group of yoga students breathe in unison, concentrating on the nuances of a single step, sweat pouring down their faces. The teacher is modeling a set of dynamic poses, correcting false poses, and urging students to completely focus on the exercise.  This scene is taking place not in a luxury […]

Do the yoga at home rightly with the 5 golden principles

Following a few guidelines to practice yoga at home properly will help you resolve, avoid injury, and make your yoga practice more successful. 1. Time for Yoga Exercise  The minimum time to perform yoga at home is around 15 minutes, including warm-up and post-workout relaxation. During this time, the exercise has little impact. Longer workouts […]

Tips to Practice Beach Yoga

If you want to find the motivation to practice yoga regularly, you should do yoga on the beach with a fresh atmosphere. Here are some tips for you to practice beach yoga. 1/ Stay hydrated Hydration is very important during any form of outdoor physical activities, including yoga on the beach. You should drink about […]

Yoga YouTube Channels to Start Home Practice (P2)

In the previous article, you knew two out of five favorite YouTube channels about yoga, namely Yoga with Adriene and Gayatri Yoga. Today, we will continue with the rest three. 3/ Boho Beautiful Boho Beautiful is one of the most creative and beautiful YouTube channels about yoga for you to follow. Every yoga video is […]