We all know the importance of being active. It is a reason why we are excited to share these simple yoga exercises for you to teach your kids in the early years.

Even if your child is not officially participating in any sports, they can still reap tremendous benefits from simple stretching, walking, or cycling. Another activity is yoga. When you look at the list of benefits it can have for people of all ages; it is easy to see why.

Yoga is easy to become a daily routine for your child, and you can enjoy it together, whether it’s in the living room, backyard, or at the park.

Doing yoga can help you build focus and concentration, increase strength and flexibility, improve balance and coordination, increase confidence and self-esteem, foster feelings of happiness and respect for others.

Here are some simple yoga exercises and tips to try with your child at home:

  1. Warm up the head, neck, and shoulders

An excellent way to start is to turn your head from side to side slowly. Take this opportunity to build early counting skills, counting the number of times your child turns heads. Then count some shoulder rolls together.

  1. Touch the toe

Slowly roll down in a forward motion, curl at the waist, and try to touch those little toes. Remember that not everyone is as flexible when it comes to getting started, and it’s okay to have your baby start with the knee touch. Repeat at least four times.

  1. Star Jumps

Star jumping is an excellent way to pump blood. A few star jumps will be fun!

  1. Explore age-appropriate poses

After a warm-up, you can recommend quality yoga aids designed for young children. A great option is YOGi FUN’s award-winning material that combines funny illustrations with rhyming poems that explain how to perform different poses. Studies show that children learn best through play, which is one of the fantastic games to try at home.

  1. Mix everything up!

Once you start learning the different yoga poses and exercises, don’t be afraid to incorporate everything every day. A great way to do this is with Yogi FUN dice, which comes in four art wooden molds with 18 colorful yoga poses. One guide dice adds some spice to keep things fresh and interesting. Each of the symbols on the guide dice will assist your child in developing the following skills: choosing, breathing, improvising, having luck, having bad luck, opening up to friends, and saying nice words.

Remember: It is important to heat those muscles properly before any strenuous or new activity and consult your doctor immediately in any difficult situation.