There are a lot of things to learn, discover, and explore yoga. However, it is better for beginners to start simply and not let you be overwhelmed. The followings are four basic steps to start a yoga practice at home during the social distancing period.

1/ Learn how to breathe

Breath is the most important thing you should learn when doing yoga, especially when holding the postures. You should learn the basic Dirga pranayama breath. During yoga, you should breathe in and out through the nose into the belly. You can watch a video on YouTube and practice breathing when practicing yoga poses.  

2/ Start with a brief meditation, intention

First of all, you should sit in an easy pose or an accomplished pose or even any comfortable seating position. Then, you should take a few minutes to focus inwards of the meditations. Besides, you should set an intention, goal, or prayer before the beginning of meditation.

3/ Use basic and beginning level postures

You should make sure that you learn enough basic knowledge about yoga before trying any poses. You had better start with one of the warm-up sequences and try the simple postures such as seated twist, cat, dog, child, mountain, cobra, triangle, forward bend. You should change the new poses very slowly to avoid injuries.

4/ End with a relaxation pose

After doing the above-mentioned poses, you should end your yoga practice with a relaxation pose named Shavasana. You should rest on your back and consciously relax your body for about 5-5 minutes. You’d better practice a short seated meditation after Shavasana to integrate your yoga practice.

Tips for Beginners

You may feel awkward and strange for the first couple of times practicing yoga. It is necessary for beginners to be compassionate with yourself as footing in the pose and the breathing. Once you are comfortable with the practice, you may consider yoga a hobby and practice all leisure time.