Advantages in practicing yoga at home 

The biggest benefit in home yoga is the freedom of time. 

There are many things for trainees, particularly women, to do during the day: go to work, go to school, clean the house, cook…┬áso yoga at home is very useful for them.

Flexible time 

On average, the training session lasts from 30 to 60 minutes, but if you head to the center, you have to spend a bit extra time running about. 

Self-practice at home is also the best alternative for busy people

In addition, there is an alternative option to flex your routine is by gym time, instead of exercising 1 hour a day you can workout 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon.

Optimization of prices 

The next drawback is that anytime you go to the clinic, there’s still a cost to exercise and yoga at home will save you an additional amount.

Yoga Disadvantages at Home 

Apart from the aforementioned positives, yoga at home also has some drawbacks. 

These vulnerabilities are where contradictory views emerge from the issue, “Will we practice yoga at home? 

Let’s see what the drawbacks are:

Simple to lose the rhythm 

If you workout too much, irregular breathing will make you dizzy, worse than fainting. 

Posture is hard to modify 

Exercise in the wrong pose can affect the muscles for a long time. 

Typical bones such as muscle strain, dislocation, disk injury, varicose veins, etc.

Space Ambient 

Work room is at home so you can quickly be controlled by the stuff around you and slip into the “floating” environment of the practice session.

How to tackle the drawbacks of practicing yoga at home 

Don’t think too much about the above drawbacks, because you will solve them absolutely. 

Build the most comfortable place to use 

By cleaning stuff up, pick a quiet spot with less noise and remember to stay away from your devices in order to truly concentrate on the practice! 

Listen to the body 

It’s incredibly important to let you know the fitness level that’s perfect for you. 

It’s very normal to stretch yoga that leads to discomfort, also an indication that you’re doing the right workout. The discomfort from stretching muscles is very good and makes you feel better, so if you feel pain in your bones and joints, you might be in the wrong place.