Five Ways to Start Yoga Practice at Home (P1)

Yoga can increase your flexibility and mobility and build confidence. Yoga practice is an excellent method to help you stay active. However, it is not convenient and quite expensive to go to weekly classes. Therefore, starting a yoga practice at home is an excellent way to improve health without wasting much money. The followings are […]

5 golden benefits of yoga to the practitioner

The modern world today gives us so much comfort in the learning and working facilities. But besides that, this lifestyle has unintentionally dragged us into a fast-paced, hustle-bustling pace, and sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. Yoga is a discipline where we take a slower look at ourselves. Besides, it helps us to […]

Benefits of Yoga for Kids- Stress Management, Emotional Regulation Improvement

Yoga is not only suitable for adults but also kids. This physical activity can bring many essential life skills to help children succeed in the world. The followings are the detailed benefits of yoga for young kids: 1.Yoga assists kids in dealing with their nervousness. The breathing activities and unwinding methods gain from doing yoga […]