If you want to find the motivation to practice yoga regularly, you should do yoga on the beach with a fresh atmosphere. Here are some tips for you to practice beach yoga.

1/ Stay hydrated

Hydration is very important during any form of outdoor physical activities, including yoga on the beach. You should drink about 17-20 ounces of water three hours prior to exercise, about ten ounces of water every ten or 20 minutes during the practice, and about 20 ounces of water after doing the beach yoga. The consumption will prevent your body from losing water during the workout.

2/ Practice sun safety

Before rolling out your yoga mat, you should consider skin safety. You should apply sunscreen about 15-30 minutes before doing yoga on the beach. Notably, you should look for a sunscreen with at least SPF15 to provide broad-spectrum coverage against all UV rays.

Besides, you should not practice yoga on the beach between 10:00 to 16:00 when the sun is the strongest. Practicing in the shadow of a tree might be a nice choice.

3/ Work up sweat

Sweating is an important part of physical activities to keep you from comfortable. Sweating alone will not cool the body, but the evaporation process will prevent your body from overheating.

While practicing beach yoga, you should embrace the natural process of perspiring and prevent it from wiping sweat from your skin regularly. Wiping will reduce the amount of evaporation process, causing body heat retention.

4/Wear right clothing

Wearing the right clothing will help you stay more comfortable during the beach yoga practice. You should wear clothing with coverage and an uninhibited range of motion. You’d better consider yoga clothes made from synthetic materials such as polypropylene top help wick away moisture. Besides, breathable, lightweight synthetic and synthetic blends are also good choices as they allow for the evaporation and keep your body skin dry and cool.