Beginners always wonder what to wear when they the first time participate in a yoga class. This article will help them understand this question and be confident in taking part in the class.

You likely need to get decked out in designed yoga clothing before you come to class, that could not be farther from the truth. For the first class, you should wear items you have on hand and keep things as simple as possible. The followings are some tips:

Shoes: Yoga is needed a pair of shoes and is mostly done barefoot. Sometimes, you will see someone with some kind of sock or shoe; however, that is due to an injury or medical condition.

If you feel uncomfortable to take off your shoes in front of strangers, you can wear yoga socks. These special socks have non-slip grips that prevent you from slipping around.

Pants: There are many kinds of yoga pants. However, you should not run out and buy a special pair of pants before your first class. You can wear any comfortable exercise pants or shorts. You should avoid paints that do not stretch, like jeans.

After a few classes, you will decide what you need to wear, shorter, longer, looser, higher, or among others. That is a good time to go shopping.

Tops: A shirt that is a little bit fitted will work best for doing yoga. Big baggy t-shirts or loose-fitting workout shirts are not suitable for yoga since they will slide when you bend over.

You also should not wear sleeve tops that hinder you from the movement in the arms and shoulders. Besides, you can wear whatever kind of bra you want to exercise.

Hot Yoga: If you want to do hot yoga or Bikram, you should consider carefully when choosing gears. Those classes are organized in a hot room; therefore, you should not wear cotton apparel or long tops or pants. Those products will hold your heat close to your body.

You should wear shorts and moisture-wicking apparel to facilitate exercise.