Everyone knows the benefits of yoga to health. However, not many people have enough time and money to join a course at the yoga center. Therefore, practice at home is a great choice. Here are some famous yoga YouTube channels that you can subscribe to do yoga at home.

1/ Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene is one of the most well-known yoga channels with about six million subscribers. This top channel is perfect for both beginners and intermediate yoga learners. She has an amazing way to help you find it easy and super relaxed during the yoga practice. You will never feel pressured when following her poses.

Yoga with Adriene provides high-quality guided yoga classes, which are cleanly edited and ideal for learners at various levels. Besides, she brings funs and national sense of humor to every class.

You should immediately subscribe to this YouTube channel to get started her 30-day yoga journeys. It is a great idea during coronavirus isolation.

2/ Gayatri Yoga

Gayatri Yoga is suitable for those who want a more powerful yoga flow to warm up the body and sweat. This top yoga channel will provide you some classes for beginners. It also includes a little more intermediate to advanced ones.

Notably, the classes in Gayatri Yoga always last for an hour or more. If you want to immerse yourself in yoga, you should subscribe to this top channel now to follow different free yoga flows and practice at home.

The channel will help you keep home yoga workouts and stretching routines. The classes will help you lose weight, increase mobility and flexibility, release the stress and tension, and tone the body. If you are keen on challenges, you will enjoy the advanced yoga flows provided by Gayatri Yoga.

It includes all types of yoga to help you practice at homes, such as Power yoga, Yin yoga, Vinyasa yoga, and Prenatal Classes. Those will target the whole body parts such as the back, hips, legs, shoulders, and neck.